ACME 4K Sports & Action Camera

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About product

Keep your memories and adventures alive with ACME VR302 4K sports & action camera! Diving from the cliff? ACME camera has waterproof case to join you. Flying with a paraglider? ACME camera has all accessories to mount it safely and enjoy the flight. The footage you make will be in high quality, sharp and clear thanks to Ambarella A12S chipset and Sony IMX sensor. No worries regarding shaky videos – ACME camera features integrated electronic image stabilization for smooth recollection of your adventures. In addition to that, camera has LCD touch screen so it is easy and convenient to change the settings as well as it is easy to control the camera, especially because of remote control included in the package. Besides, there are many different modes to record videos, hence you can choose the one that is most suitable for the situation, e.g. if you are planning to make slow motion videos, recording in 1 080p 100 fps or 720p 200 fps is a great choice. Finally, together with camera you will get many other accessories, like waterproof case and tripod so you do not have to buy anything additionally!

Crisp and clear videos, 4K

Due to Ambarella A12S chipset and Sony IMX sensor videos you make will be in in high quality, sharp and realistic

Smooth footage

Your videos will be smooth, clear and without shaking thanks to electronic image stabilization and Ambarella A12S chipset

Slow motion videos

Recording in 1 080p 100 fps or 720p 200 fps gives you wide editing opportunities especially for slow motion videos

Remote control

Start filming, take a photo or turn off the camera by a touch of a button on the remote control

2” LCD touch screen

For convenient recording and ability to change the settings with a single touch


Allows to watch the video which is being captured directly on the phone and to change the settings of the camera via phone

Wide angle lens, 170⁰

Captures everything You want

Waterproof case up to 30 m

For diving, surfing, or wakeboarding

Many extra accessories

No need to buy additional accessories, like tripod since they are included together with the camera

Technical Specification

Video resolutions

4K 30 fps; 4K 25 fps (EIS); 2.7K 60 fps; 2.7K 30 fps (EIS); 1 080p 100 fps; 1 080p 60 fps (EIS); 720p 200 fps pixels

Video formats supported

H.264, MOV

Photo resolution

12 MP

Viewing angle

170 °

All Specifications

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