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We create for the mobile generation. Can you imagine a day without music, sport, friends? A day without taking a photo during your holidays? No way, we feel you. You need to be connected. Always. With music, with friends, with family, with adventures. That's why we are here. To be your most beloved adventure companion. No matter if you are travelling to work or exploring new landscapes abroad - ACME devices will empower you to stay connected.  


Products are focused around the phone - can be controlled, connected or monitored from it. We seek to democratize technology - make it affordable, easy to understand and to use. We have four main product categories in the spotlight: audio & video, health & fitness, mobile accessories, smart home. 


Dive into adventures with us and stay connected. 

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Phone: +370 37 333633
E-mail: sales@acme.eu

ACME is a trademark of the ACME Group - a group of Lithuanian capital companies engaged in wholesale trade and repairs, film production and distribution, and the production of niche products. 


Founded in 1993, it is a united group of 34 companies operating in 6 countries, with the most famous being: ACC Distribution, AVAD Baltic, Servisa ICT, ACME Film, ACME Valda, ACME NT, Audis, Drąseikių karjeras and others.


Honesty and transparency are two of the strategic values that we follow in our business while working and cooperating with our customers and strengthening our relationships with our partners. For this reason, we follow these general Principles of Compliance together with other companies of ACME Grupė.