ACME MH08 Armband case up to 5,7"


Functionality and convenience is what all we appreciate and look for. Therefore, ACME introduces armband cases to meet every day needs. First of all, the case is touch-sensitive, i. e. there is no need to take out the phone from the case – the transparent window enables touch interface. Moreover, it is made of sturdy materials for outdoors use even when it is raining because it is splash-proof. Plus, the armband case is offered in 2 sizes, thus, You will find the best option suitable for You.


Product line Right Now
Type Armband case
Material PVC + Neoprene
Length 49 cm
  • Fits: up to 5.7' phones
  • Screen window: transparent plastic, touch, 6.5'
  • Key pocket
Product No 159105
Barcode 4770070876442

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