IFA 2017 – What Appliances Will We Mostly Look for in the Shops?

The most important trade show of the region IFA 2017 took place in Berlin, Germany, 1–6 September. The exhibition included products that are new to the market as well as categories introduced earlier; all of them being gadgets/devices that we are most likely to be looking for in the shops.

The Most Popular Smart Devices of 2017 You Would Like to Have in Your Backpack

For some time now, smartphones have become the tool we could not imagine our daily routine without. Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Google, and a lot of useful leisure and education apps on one screen. It is not a coincidence that the most popular items this autumn are related to smartphone devices.

How to Create High Quality Memories Captured from a Holiday

Have you ever been disappointed after watching your holiday videos?  Do the jaw-dropping peaks of a mountain seem to be no different from the protruding hills in your homeland, and does your video of a spectacular educational trail show simply a dusty track instead of the beauty of nature?

Which devices are about to change our lives dramatically?

From the 2nd to 7th of September in Berlin, Germany the most important regional market  of technologies and innovations “IFA 2016” took place. The newest gadgets were presented during the show which are going to diversify our lives or maybe change them dramatically.

ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control has been awarded for the best design

Second year in a row ACME Europe receives the Lithuanian design prize Geras dizainas (Good Design) for its production. This year ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control created by ACME Europe designer Julius Bučelis has been awarded.

Leaders of Lithuanian Design Announced

The winners of the fourth Lithuanian design prize Geras Dizainas (Good Design) were announced yesterday at the Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius. Twelve best products and three projects received awards during this event.

LED T8 tube lights – create healthier and more efficient surroundings

For years, fluorescent T8 type tube lights have been used for lighting in commercial premises. This wasn’t without a reason though. They have quality light output, are very efficient, and have decent lifespans. That being said, it is likely their golden age is nearing to an end because a new player has entered the market. It is the LED T8 tube lights, which have numerous advantages. 

LED Modular Luminaire System – a durable lighting strategy

LED lighting is a relatively new type of lighting. However, the pace of its growth is impressive. According to the information published by the organisation LEDinside, the global LED lighting market will grow by 31 percent in 2015. It is envisaged that the growth, started in 2014, will continue until 2018. Development of these types of technologies attracts considerable investments.

LED light panels – style and economy combined

Rapidly improving LED lighting technologies are entering ordinary people’s lives at a fast pace. They are increasingly used for home, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting. This popularity is increasing due to their attractive price and innovative solutions. Functional and prudential lighting is crucial at home and at work. Modern LED lighting gives unprecedented capabilities at minimum energy input.

LED Line ceiling light fixtures – a versatile solution for retail areas

Scientists have proven that light is indispensable to humans and may affect their well-being and mood. Thus, it is no secret that nowadays different lighting solutions are invoked for creating exclusive design of retail areas. Numerous scientific research also proves that the light has got influence on the decision to buy or not to buy.

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