ACME LED Filament Mini Globe 4W3000K25h400lmE14

ACME expands its range of products by presenting advanced LED bulbs – usual shape but increased efficiency. Based on our practical and commercial experience we have identified that one of the most appealing and popular bulb shapes across different technologies are traditional. However, constantly changing technology is crucial for our customers and ACME is here to help. That’s why we are about to introduce bulbs that feature traditional form plus are made of glass solely, thus, even without being super-efficient, produce large amount of light. In comparison with the standard LED bulb, filament bulbs have higher lumens per wattage ratio because of the advanced beam angle supported by its form.

Product line Right Now
Type LED, E14
Energy Class A+
Power 4 W
Color Temperature K 3000 K
  • Equivalent: 4 W = 35 W incandescent bulb
  • Beam angle: 330
  • 60% max light < 1 s
  • ON/OFF > 25000 times
  • Not suitable for use on dimming, electronic or emergency lighting circuits
Dimensions 45(L) x 45(W) x 79(H) mm
Package Carton
Life time 25000 h
Light intensity 400 lm
Voltage 220/240 V
Warranty Terms 3 years
Product No 157654
Barcode 4770070876220

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