About us

ACME Grupe

ACME Grupe is a holding of ACME group companies, which includes the leading wholesale suppliers of computer equipment and home electronics as well as a top distributor of movies in the Baltic market. Today ACME group includes 34 companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The consolidated revenue of ACME group was over over 254 mln. EUR in 2014. ACME group employs over 470 people.

ACME Europe

ACME Europe is member of ACME group. The company was founded in 1994. Now it is a leading company for 22 years in the Eastern and Central Europe offering innovative solutions in the categories of electronics and lighting markets. Our company is also a distributor of a vast range of the leading worldwide brands (e.g. SanDisk, Port Designs, Verbatim, Jabra, MIO, Aula, MyScreen, Apacer, Fitbit, Jawbone, Parrot, Kanex, Moshi, Koomus, Native Union, Bang & Olufsen, Vimtag, SBS, Deeper).